How to Meet and Date an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are exciting people, but they aren’t always the easiest to work with when it comes to building a romantic relationship. It isn’t that entrepreneurs can’t be quality partners or that you can’t enjoy a great relationship with an entrepreneur, but their relentless ambition, complete lack of work-life balance and demanding schedule can be difficult to manage, especially if you don’t share the same outlook. If you’re an entrepreneur, the best thing you can do is be honest about the startup lifestyle and understand how it might impact current or potential partners. If you’re dating an entrepreneur, or thinking about it, you should realize exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Think you’re going away for a nice weekend escape? Think again. Even the best-laid plans can and often do change at the last minute, and are frequently cancelled altogether. Being flexible is essential to dating an entrepreneur. One moment they’re flying high, and the next they’re laying on the ground certain of their startup’s death. Note: These extremes often happen in the same day.

10 Tips for Dating an Entrepreneur

So when it comes to being a single entrepreneur, it can be easy to find yourself in a sad state of singles purgatory. I have been for quite some time now, and most of the time, dating takes a back seat to my goals. Right now, my business is bae. For instance, when I go out for a drink with friends, I can usually think of a million and one things that I could have been doing for my business.

I really love my business. Even still, I would like to find balance in all aspects of life.

Top tips: dating an entrepreneur. Starting a new relationship requires time and a certain degree of effort. When you’re getting to know someone for the first time.

Entrepreneurs have unique characteristics and a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. They are risk-takers, inventors, relentlessly ambitious, demand independence, and are overall exciting people. They spend the majority of their time working, solving problems, and learning. Did I mention learning? But dating an entrepreneur can be quite adventurous and there are a few factors that you should take into consideration when dealing with your lover.

They are wired differently than you and you may misinterpret their actions. This is probably the most important factor to acknowledge when dating an entrepreneur. Between business meetings, traveling, fundraisers, and working on weekends, most of their time is occupied with their business. All of this is necessary because networking and conferences are essential for a successful business.

An entrepreneur fulfills more than one role. Not only are they the marketer, but they are the salesperson, content creator, financial analyst, receptionist, and leader. They work all hours throughout the day with the intense workload they carry and most of the time you will find them working past 8pm or starting at 5am. Because there is always more work to do. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do about the inspiration they were just filled with.

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According to a research in an online dating industry, an entrepreneur is one of the most demanded professions among men and women. And there are some good reasons for that. Basically, an entrepreneur is the best dating partner you can possibly imagine. However, there are some difficulties in dating people with this profession.

Send a calendar invite to your partner for date night. Ninja tip: She will naturally ask you what it’s about. DO NOT SAY: I read this blog post and thought it would.

As an entrepreneur myself, I like to think we are a good bunch of people. Sure, we can be a little misunderstood from time to time, as we do not always follow the rules. But if you want to date someone who will open your eyes to a world of possibility and encourage you to dream big, look no further than the entrepreneurs of this world. But before you jump in feet first, here are eight things to know about us.

We are not ignoring you, I swear, we are just focused on each task as we attack it. If we do not reply to your text for hours, please do not take it personally. When we are replying to you, you have our full attention. You might find our approach to life a little like a white-knuckle ride. However, do not worry; our risks are calculated, not reckless. You would not jump into the sea if you did not know how to swim, right?

Well neither would we. It is just that we have learned to push the walls of our comfort zone further out because that is how big strides are made. Go hard or go home. Yoda knew it, and so do we.

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Evolution in business models, the rise of the startup culture and support for independent thinking has seen this popular lifestyle constantly expanding. Before dating in, there are both pros and cons of dating an entrepreneur. One of the enduring traits of working independently is that dating can be difficult to switch off. Being responsible for your own dating makes it tempting to constantly check your entrepreneur and emails.

And one of the biggest problems dating dating an entrepreneur is finding the right time and place to meet someone new.

Feel free to add your own tips in the comments below! DATING AN ENTREPRENEUR In the dating phase, your courtship may include.

Dating advice literature has a bad reputation, and reasonably so — we live in a world where The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right is a best-seller. Typing those words just made me quiver with rage. The idea that smart, career-minded women should devote themselves to a series of rules that manipulate clearly insecure potential mates into maintaining interest makes me sad, and honestly, has turned me off the whole genre.

You, as an entrepreneur, are responsible for investing in your dream love life. You imagine it. You create it. You own it. This is huge.

Why Entrepreneurs Suck at Relationships (& 4 Ways to Get Better)

We are at a get-together with friends. He might answer a few emails. Or possibly take a quick call. I have to get going. Often, I stick around without him. What kind of madman voluntarily works on a Friday night?

Here’s everything you need to know before dating an entrepreneur. My best advice is to get used to black eyes, untidy hair, a trail of coffee grinds that doesn’t​.

So after college, instead of going to med school, I started a hi-tech startup with some friends. Now years later I am fully back into the life of an entrepreneur, supporting myself off multiple online companies. Before my current relationship, I had not been able to hold a relationship together for more than 6 weeks. I would meet great women, and we would enjoy dating, but eventually my independent tendencies would push me away from them. The road less traveled is inherently an independent one.

Here are my three top tips for successfully dating an entrepreneur:. Understanding the needs of an entrepreneur can be difficult if you are not one yourself. Working long hours, not taking breaks, and forgetting things outside of their business venture or project are bound to happen. Just try not to take these things personally, and believe they are not wanting to spend time with you. Many entrepreneurs will use work as an excuse to hide from their failing relationship.

When I was single I could easily just vanish into my apartment to finish my projects on an aggressive timeline. I would rarely talk to people during this time, instead focusing all of my energy on the task at hand. Even small, fun texts every day help keep the fire alive and build anticipation for upcoming dates, dinners, and fun outings. Communicating often, but not too often, is key to keeping the relationship healthy.


Besides the government, even everyday people love entrepreneurs. But then, before you jump into a relationship with one, here are some of the things you should know about dating entrepreneurs. The very fact that your partner is an entrepreneur should tell you about their affinity for risk.

Here are several tips I’ve gathered along the way. 1. Your ability to date will be hindered, greatly. Those glorious entrepreneurial tales failed to.

Last week I covered how much you should be spending on dating. One of my business partners saw the article and asked if I could do an article about what you should know when you are dating an entrepreneur. So, what are the things that people should know when dating an entrepreneur? When you are dating an entrepreneur, it is quite often that they will get all the attention.

This can be from the media, friends, family or all three! Entrepreneurs work incredibly hard in order for their work to get recognized, so when it recognized by the media, they are quite proud of it. But they never forget to at least try to redirect the spotlight to their significant other. The same can be said for family occasions. Your mom, or your brother, or another relative will always ask how the business is going at the moment. It is perfectly normal for the attention to go straight to the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs can at times heck, most of the time come across as quite strange people. Entrepreneurs tend to live quite strangely- one moment they can be the happiest person alive. The next, they are an inferno, cursing the high heavens.

4 Qualities of Entrepreneurs That Make Them Great Romantic Partners

An entrepreneur messaged me and asked if I knew of any resources that explain how entrepreneurs are wired. The purpose of this video is to have something your significant other can watch so they can better understand you. Perhaps you wonder if they even have mental problems!

Thanks for the A2A Gnana Shekar:P Dating an entrepreneur is almost like good in dating I’m guessing you can also score well with the tips given right here.

The new site update is up! I struggle with feeling rejected because of this. First and foremost, please don’t tell me to just DTMF — I am aware that that is an option, and at the moment, I would like to explore ideas for making my current relationship work before I decide that there is no option but to DTMF. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about 7 months, and I think he’s pretty great. He is smart, hardworking, can be very caring, and is generally a pretty awesome person.

He started his company 5 years ago, and though it’s really taken off, he still works a ton late nights galore, paired with early mornings , doesn’t sleep enough, etc. He is very passionate about his work, and this is one of the things I admire about him. He makes time to see me as possible we usually see each other one evening a week, sometimes two with friends his or mine , and we usually hang out for the majority of a weekend day each week unless either one of us is out of town.

Although I wish I could see him more, I have accepted that that isn’t going to be what our relationship looks like for the foreseeable future. I’ve read up on others’ experiences with dating entrepreneurs, and inevitably the time thing is a challenge, and the advice is consistently that partners should be very patient and supportive to make a relationship with an entrepreneur work.

Should I Dump My Girlfriend To Pursue Entrepreneurship?

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