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Analyzing the relationship between Hamlet and Gertrude reveals the complicated bond between a mother and son. Hamlet and Gertrude appear to have opposite personalities. Thus Hamlet is quick to judge his mother, especially after the closet scene with the ghost. Hamlet and Gertrude have a complex relationship that is interesting to study. Hamlet and his mother could not be more opposite. While Hamlet is a deep thinker, his mother tends to be more concerned about material things. When Gertrude wants to marry Claudius, she changes the law to suit her needs. After the ghost demands for vengeance, Hamlet tries to prove his point within the law. Hamlet is a more spiritual soul. The two could not have more diverse personalities.

Women in Hamlet

This Gumberg Library research guide on William Shakespeare’s masterwork, Hamlet, will connect you to texts of the play, background information, criticism of the play in books and articles, as well as video and audio performances. We hope you will find it useful. Reference Works. Click an Ebook title to read it.

Dating Hamlet: Ophelia’s Story’ by Lisa Fiedler play as a number of different characters as you try to make it through life at Elsinore Castle.

Until very recently, I have avoided writing about Hamlet. The demise of other characters—Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, for example—is not afforded the same degree of moral heft. Over the years, much ink has been spilled about his role: his proverbs echo teachings of the ancient rhetorician Isocrates, but scholars remain divided over whether these are just a tired recirculation of worn adages that every schoolboy might have known, or an upright deployment of respectable wisdom that a prudent father and counselor might have endorsed.

It is only when this guidance is attached to Polonius that its wisdom becomes suspect. Without a body, the inability to mourn draws Laertes back to Elsinore. Pray, love, remember. O, you must wear your rue with a difference. I would give you some violets, but they withered all when my father died. To redress a murder he must become a murderer, in short. The tragedy of this play, then, lies in the ways that we are sometimes asked to assume roles that will destroy us as moral beings.


Shakespeare gives us very little information from which to imagine a past for Ophelia. Over the past years, she has moved from the margins to the centre of post-Shakespearean discourse, increasingly becoming a female counterpart to Hamlet as a portrait of conflict and stress. In recent years, she has become a strong feminist heroine, even surviving Hamlet in some fictional versions of the story, to lead a life of her own.

Major characters’ share of lines: Hamlet. 37%. Claudius. 14%. Polonius. 9% Hamlet rejects Ophelia harshly and denies he ever loved her. The date of Hamlet is difficult to ascertain: there are two distinct early printings, in and

So I don’t know if you heard, but this past summer, Disney went and made another Lion King. I mean, the original movie came out 25 years ago and it’s still regularly voted the most popular Disney flick in the U. The musical has been on Broadway for 22 years with no sign of closing. Even with mixed reviews, the remake made a truly sickening amount of money. Simba’s story has a far less tragic ending, of course, and Nala is a tad more proactive than Ophelia, but the story still follows the plot of Shakespeare’s existential tragedy, right down to the whole thing where Simba’s ghost dad has to remind his procrastinating son to murder his evil uncle and take back the kingdom.

It’s Hamlet! And the fact that Hamlet- but-with-lions is such an enduring classic is a testament to both the universality of Shakespeare’s work and Disney’s ability to Disney-fy anything. If 25 years of Lion King just isn’t enough, here are a few more modern stories based on Hamlet although they might not contain quite so many lions :. Look, Shakespeare has lots of interesting, well-rounded, fully-realized female characters.

Ophelia is not one of them. Because Hamlet is about Hamlet, and Hamlet is a grade A douche who doesn’t treat his girlfriend all that well, poor Ophelia doesn’t really get a chance to tell her side of the story in the original play. Lisa M. Klein’s Ophelia beautifully retells the story from Ophelia’s perspective: she’s a witty, rowdy, mother-less girl growing up and falling in love in the midst of the dark, unfolding drama of Elsinore castle.

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To leave a general comment about our Web site, please click here. What if your uncle killed your father? What if you found this out because your father rose out of the grave as a ghost? It was actually some foot soldiers and a schoolmate that saw him first and this is testing your religious faith, which has been strong in the past. What if your mother married that same murderous uncle? This betrayal makes you look at your mother in a new negative light. Your affection for your girlfriend had been a happy distraction until family got involved.

Your rage at your mother made this accident happen! What would you feel? Overwhelming sadness, anger How would you act? Depressed, crazy Here lie major plot events and resulting temporal moods in Hamlet.

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Reinventing the Renaissance pp Cite as. Why does Hamlet have prequels and sequels? Is it unusual in inviting readers, and more especially writers, to speculate about what might have happened both before and after the events of the play? It would seem that whoever compiled this text felt the need for a clarification of this important point, and many others have followed, arguing the case both for and against Gertrude with enthusiasm and ingenuity.

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to determine the date of Hamlet’s birth, and the wTeight of such positive indications Ophelia is treated, the youthfulness of Hamlet’s feelings is expressly setup at imputing a decidedly “thirty-year” character to Hamlet’s actual reflections are.

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Falling for Hamlet by Michelle Ray

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procession approaches, and Hamlet realizes with horror Ophelia is being buried. When a It’s also meant help your students relate to the characters in Hamlet by putting them into Situation: Person A is going to ask Person B out on a date.

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A woman who has lost her memory is taken in by a Los Angeles orphanage, and a private eye is enlisted to track down her identity, but he soon finds that he might have a past life connection to her that endangers their lives. Prince Hamlet struggles over whether or not he should kill his uncle, whom he suspects has murdered his father, the former king. When the brilliant but unorthodox scientist Dr.

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